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Small hydro association

The small hydro association in Finland was founded in 1999. The goal of the association is to raise the image of small hydropower to the level it belongs. The association informs about small hydropower, looks out for the interests of small hydro producers, and follows legislature, gives statements and performs information and publishing activities.
The members are owners or users of small hydro plants.
The board of the association accepts new members upon request, which can be made to the association.

The board 14.05.2019

Chairman: Asko Parviainen 050 5206163
Sub Chairman: Pekka Väänänen 050 343 1810
Executive Manager: Peter Reiter 040 726 7124
Members: Heikki Pirttiniemi 040 731 4147
Kimmo Räsänen 050 365 4131
Reserve Members Matti Tammivuori  040 041 2339
Jukka Pirttiniemi 050 554 1282

Contact us:

Small hydro association in Finland (SHA)
Kesantotie 5
00740 Helsinki
email: info{(@)}

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